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Records Returned: 14 works
10 Contributing Artists: Mariano Paredes, Plase , Jos� Luis Franco, Jes�s Guti�rrez Mart�nez, Ignacio Aguirre, P. Carmenis [Sic?], Gustavo Casillas, Gabriel Fern�ndez Ledesma, Arturo Garc�a Bustos, Alfredo Zalce,
Years: 1932, 1939, 1943, 1962, 1964,
Formats: Unspecified,
Fern�ndez Ledesma, Gabriel. firmada
"Amantes", 1932.
Aguatinta. 9/15
14.5(h) x 10.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4452
Source Info: TGP Archive 1157
Paredes, Mariano. firmada
"El campesino y la vaca", 1939.
21.6(h) x 31(w) cms.
Catalog #: 6020
Source Info: TGP Archive 2716
Plase. s/f
"Composici�n", 1943.
Aguatinta. 6/30
24.5(h) x 19.4(w) cms.
Catalog #: 6064
Source Info: TGP Archive 2760
Franco, Jos� Luis. s/f
"Paisaje", 1962.
21(h) x 17(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4481
Source Info: TGP Archive 1186
Franco, Jos� Luis. firmada
"Paisaje", 1964.
Aguatinta. 8/13
27(h) x 18.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4482
Source Info: TGP Archive 1187
Guti�rrez Mart�nez, Jes�s. s/f
"Al acecho", 1964.
Aguatinta. 11/25
36(h) x 23.8(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4724
Source Info: TGP Archive 1424
Aguirre, Ignacio. s/f
"Cabeza", s/f.
8.5(h) x 9.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 50
Source Info: TGP Archive 50
Carmenis [Sic?], P.. firmada
"Aeboleda [Sic?]", s/f.
21(h) x 26.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 3998
Source Info: TGP Archive 705
Notes: See subsequent catalog entries for P. Carnemis.
Casillas, Gustavo. firmada
"Cabeza de hombre", s/f.
11.3(h) x 16.2(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4013
Source Info: TGP Archive 720
Fern�ndez Ledesma, Gabriel. s/f
"Domador", s/f.
14.2(h) x 19.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4451
Source Info: TGP Archive 1156
Garc�a Bustos, Arturo. firmada
"Remember the Maine", s/f.
36(h) x 25.3(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4541
Source Info: TGP Archive 1246
Garc�a Bustos, Arturo. firmada
"Consejo de guerra a gusanos", s/f.
Aguatinta. 1/20
36.5(h) x 26.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4542
Source Info: TGP Archive 1247
Garc�a Bustos, Arturo. s/f
"Plaza roja", s/f.
27.2(h) x 22.5(w) cms.
Catalog #: 4622
Source Info: TGP Archive 1327
Zalce, Alfredo. s/f
"Despues de la derrota, cambiarse la camisa", s/f.
28.1(h) x 20(w) cms.
Catalog #: 6674
Source Info: TGP Archive 3369

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